ADA +2 Ultra Lav Shower/Restroom
ADA +2 Ultra Lav Shower/Restroom Interior
ADA +2 Ultra Lav Shower/Restroom Plan
ADA +2 Ultra Lav Shower/Restroom

ADA +2 Ultra Lav Shower/Restroom

This restroom trailer is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant in every way. Each stall has a shower and trailer that comes with 2 filled propane tanks and a 36′′ w entry door for bathroom user safety. The toilets have motion sensor flushing and a self-closing faucet with a front push operation. The restrooms’ climate is controlled by a well-placed thermostat and a roof heat strip. In each of the three restrooms, your guests will appreciate a huge shatterproof mirror.


  • stainless steel handrails and hand grabs
  • non-skid rubber floor
  • LED occupancy indicator
  • 2 ADA compliant restrooms (wheelchair accessible)
  • massive 36″ w entry door for the wheelchair accessible restroom
  • large shatterproof mirror
  • ceramic china toilet bowls
  • thermostat and roof heat strip
  • 2 filled propane tanks


  • Construction job
  • Weddings
  • Natural Disaster Relief
  • Sport Events
  • Music Festivals

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