Myths About Porta Potties

written on August 10, 2019


Many myths surround porta potties, and often people feel uncomfortable using them because of these rumors. We share the truth behind these common myths, so you can feel safe using portable restrooms.

Portable toilets are ugly. This is probably the most common misconception about porta potties. While the standard blue box may be a common sight at fairs, festivals, or construction sites, this doesn’t mean it’s your only option. Many companies offer luxury options, such as portable restroom trailers or porta potties designed for more formal events.

Portable toilets are dirty. Each unit is washed out and completely sanitized before being installed. They are easy to keep clean with a little maintenance, and the company will likely take pride in providing your event with clean, well-cared-for units.

Portable toilets always smell. This can be true, but a smelly porta potty is a dirty one. Make arrangements with the company for the units to be emptied and cleaned often enough for your event. Vents are also installed in each unit to prevent heat and odors from becoming an issue.

Portable toilets don’t have a sink, so your hands will always be dirty. Just because a unit doesn’t include a sink does not mean there are no options for washing your hands. A venue may provide a portable hand-washing sink. Many companies install and stock hand sanitizer dispensers in each unit as well. Restroom trailers do have sinks with running water and soap. You have options to make sure your event facilities will allow your guests to clean up after use.

Portable toilets aren’t meant for formal events. While porta potties are a staple of concerts, fairs, and other informal events, it doesn’t mean they can’t be used at more upscale events. Many companies realize the demand for portable restrooms at formal events, such as weddings, and have begun to offer restroom trailers for this very purpose. These trailers offer flush toilets, running water, mirrors, and more amenities.

Portable toilet trailers are meant for certain events. While a toilet trailer may be a more comfortable option for a formal event, they can be used at any event that offers water and power. They can provide an ADA accessible restroom as well, which can benefit disabled guests.

You only need one portable toilet. While one toilet can work for small events, it is better to arrange for several to be installed for your event. Why make your guests wait in line when they could be enjoying your celebration?

Portable toilets are bad for the environment. Portable restroom companies are well-versed in waste management and know how to keep portable toilets sanitary with eco-friendly methods.

Patriot Portable Restrooms offers over 30 years of portable restroom experience. We can help make your next event comfortable, clean, and easy. Contact our San Diego portable restroom rental company today to find out more.