Can a Portable Restroom Not Smell Bad?

written on August 2, 2019

When people think of porta potties, the first thing that often comes to mind is the foul odor that can often accompany them. If you’re hosting an event, you’ll likely need to provide restrooms, but the foul odor may make you hesitant to consider a porta potty service. However, there’s no need to be apprehensive—in fact, there are several things you can do to provide toilet service without forcing your guests to endure an assault on their nose. Here are just three of the available options.

Regular Cleaning

If your event plans to go for several days and see large crowds, such as a county fair, large music festival, or major convention, then your restrooms will probably see heavy use. The more a portable restroom is used, the more likely it’s going to smell. However, regular cleaning and service of your restrooms can help mitigate the odors and keep the foul smells away. If your restrooms are going to see huge crowds, they may need cleaned several times a day, whereas if your event is smaller (like a wedding), you probably won’t have to worry about the odors as they’ll only be in service for several hours.

Multiple Toilets

Remember how we said that the more your porty potty is used, the more likely it’s going to develop odors? The solution to this is offering the right number of restrooms for your event. If your event is just a few dozen guests, then a single normal fixture or maybe a pair is probably enough. However, if you’re expecting crowds of hundreds or even thousands, you should consider supplying groups of toilets in different areas of your venue. This not only keeps lines short, but also keeps smell levels down, making the experience more pleasant for everyone.

Rent a Restroom Trailer

Does your event have access to power and water? If so, you have the option of renting a restroom trailer. These high-end portable restroom solutions function essentially the same as a regular, permanent restroom, only with the ability to drive away at the end of the day. They have sinks with running water, flush toilets, mirrors, electric lights, hand dryers, and are even air-conditioned to prevent the hot, sticky feeling that most people associate with portable restrooms.