Tips for Placing Porta Potties

written on August 20, 2019

If you’re planning an event or a project, you should always take restroom facilities into account. If your venue or site is lacking restroom facilities or has inadequate facilities, it is important to provide alternatives. A popular choice for many locations—from weddings to construction sites—is porta potties. But before you go and order a bank of portable toilets, it’s also crucial to know where you’ll put them. Here are some tips to help you determine the best placement for your rental units.

1. Allow Easy Access

Porta potties need to be accessible to your guests or workers, as well the delivery driver. When choosing a location, make sure that a large truck can easily access the area, and that people won’t need to navigate too many obstacles or hunt down the location of the porta potties.

2. Place on Level Ground

Porta potties need to be level for safety and comfort reasons. When choosing your location, ensure that the ground is actually level. Never assume that the ground is level and even just because it appears to be. Double check, and if it isn’t, find a new location.

3. Account for Weather

Heavy rain and snow can cause serious accessibility issues for users and for delivery and maintenance technicians. If the ground becomes too frozen or muddy, it can be impossible to access the toilets. Similarly, high winds can also pose a threat. Unsecured units can tip over in the wind, leaving you with a huge mess to deal with. Always plan with the forecast in mind, and take steps to secure the portable toilets to prevent tipping.

4. Avoid High-Traffic Areas

You want to place your units somewhere they are accessible, but you should also avoid using congested areas. Placing them in near a well-traveled area can cause a backup if a line forms for the restrooms. You also should consider the space constraints of the area, and ensure that the porta potty will fit there without crowding.

5. Securing Porta Potties

If you plan on having restrooms located on the premises, overnight, you should decide how you will secure them to avoid vandalism. Porta potties may be tipped over or damaged if they are left unsecured. You may be able to rent a fence to secure the units or hire overnight security. Additionally, each unit should be locked with a sturdy padlock after hours.

At Patriot Portable Restrooms, we have more than 30 years of experience handling our clients’ sanitation needs. We offer a wide range of portable restroom services for your events, including restroom trailers and porta potties. Learn more about our rental options by giving us a call!