Tips For Keeping Your Portable Toilets Sanitary

written on August 13, 2019

When most people see a portable restroom, their first impression is not often one of cleanliness. More often than not a bad past experience with a portable toilet that’s been neglected for some time has left a sour impression on those who may find themselves needing a temporary facility in the future.

However, if you’re like most hosts and want to offer your visitors or guests a clean and sanitary restroom solution, you shouldn’t automatically rule out portable toilet rentals. There are several ways you can keep your restrooms clean and sanitary, even in high-traffic areas. Here are a few valuable tips for how.

  • Rent portable sinks
  • Schedule extra cleanings
  • Rent more units
  • Check Your Restrooms
  • Consider a Trailer

Rent Portable Sinks

One of the biggest complaints of basic porta potties is that there aren’t any facilities for washing hands after use. In fact, at the most there’s a small hand sanitizer dispenser. This is hardly enough to really clean your hands after using a portable toilet, so consider also renting portable sinks. A portable sink features two tanks: one with fresh water, one with drained water, and a soap dispenser. This gives guests a small running tap and some actual soap they can use to clean their hands after doing their business and goes a long way towards providing comfort.

Schedule Extra Cleanings

If you know for a fact that your toilets are going to be used for a long period of time or that they’re going to receive a high volume of traffic, you may want to schedule additional cleaning services to keep them in top condition for a long period of time. Things such as month-long festivals, fairs, or other large events will often need large numbers of portable toilets and they will all see large amounts of traffic over the course of the event.

In these cases, we often recommend scheduling maintenance services more frequently. A cleaning service includes evacuating the existing waste, recharging the tank with fresh disinfectant, scrubbing the unit clean, and then restocking the supplies of toilet paper, soap, seat liners, and anything else that might be necessary. Our state-of-the-art waste removal vehicles then haul the old fluid away to the nearest wastewater treatment facility safely and securely.

Rent Extra Units

Depending on the size of your event, including how long you’re running it for and how many people you anticipate attending, you should be able to estimate about how many portable restroom units you’re going to need. However, ordering a few extra units can actually keep each of them cleaner and more sanitary for longer, reducing the number of cleanings or maintenance calls that are necessary. They’ll also keep your units smelling fresher and appearing to be clean for longer.

Check Your Restrooms Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your guests and visitors happy with your restrooms is to look in on them periodically and check their condition for yourself. That way you can see if anything needs to be serviced and either take care of the issue or order a restroom cleaning service!

The other option is to hire a restroom attendant for the duration of your event. Large events will usually choose this option, often hiring several attendants to do regular sweeps of the restrooms to check on their condition and keep them stocked with necessities.

Consider a Restroom Trailer

If you’re servicing higher-end clientele or are really concerned about restroom cleanliness, consider bringing in a portable restroom trailer! These are the ultimate solution for portable and temporary restroom needs, offering a cool, clean, and sanitary solution that includes running water, flushing toilets, and even air conditioning!

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