When Does It Make Sense to Rent Porta Potties & How Much Is It To Rent Them?

written on October 16, 2019

Price of Renting Portable Restrooms

Why Rent Portable Restrooms?

How annoying is it when there isn’t a clean, convenient, and comfortable restroom at an event or jobsite? If you are planning or hosting an event, then this is something to keep in mind. Renting portable restrooms and sanitation equipment will make your life a whole lot easier. Now, of course, you have to factor the cost of that into your plan! Patriot Portable Restrooms walks you through the pricing factors for renting porta potties and other portable restrooms. You can get a free, direct quote today!

Are the Existing Bathroom Facilities Adequate?

If your event location does have existing restrooms, are they adequate enough to handle the size and scope of your event? It never hurts to rent a few porta potties or restroom trailer to accommodate all of your attendees/guests, so that they aren’t wasting time waiting in line for the restroom. Consider how many people will be coming to the event to determine whether you should rent portable restrooms.

Where Are the Existing Facilities?

Your event location may have restroom facilities available, but what if they’re located a long walk away from your actual event? Nobody’s going to like having to make the trek when they really have to go or are enjoying the event. Renting porta potties or restroom trailers and installing them in close proximity to the event will earn major brownie points for the overall event experience.

Are Existing Facilities in Good Condition?

Finally, what condition are the facilities available to you in? While you may have enough, if they are old and mess then no one will want to use them. Renting porta potties or portable restroom trailesr ensures that your event/jobsite will have a clean and convenient bathroom facility to use.

Factors that Affect Rental Porta Potties & Sanitation Equipment Pricing

In order to get the best porta potty/portable restroom prices, be sure to have the following ready before contacting the portable toilet rental company:

  1. How many portable restrooms do you need?
  2. Where do they need to be delivered to?
  3. Is your event taking place in a major city or small town?
  4. Does your event require standard porta potties or luxury restroom rentals?
  5. How many days or weeks are you going to need the portable bathroom rental units?

Be sure to explain all of your needs to the portable sanitation rental experts so that they can provide you with an accurate quote.

 Get portable restrooms for your event! Contact Patriot Portable Restrooms today at (866) 210-8432 to request a quote or schedule a restroom delivery service.