How to Price Porta Potties & Why You Need Them

written on October 16, 2019

Event Restrooms & Prices

Why Do I Need Portable Restrooms for Event & What is the Cost?

Nothing can be more of a wet blanket on an event than not having a place to quickly and easily use the restroom when you need it most. So if you’re hosting an event, having a place for your guests to relieve themselves is something you need to take into consideration very carefully before the event comes. Another great consideration would be the price of the porta potties you need to rent. From standard portable toilets, to restroom trailers and all sanitation equipment. This article will help guide you on how much it cost to rent a porta potty. Get a free price quote today by calling us or contacting the VIP Restrooms Rental Company. It will also help you understand if & why you need portable restrooms for events.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have this need, take these things into consideration very carefully before your event comes.

Are Restrooms Available at Your Event?

First and foremost, do your guests and attendees have a place to use the restroom at all? If the answer is no, then you absolutely need to have portable restrooms for your event. You will also need to know the price to rent the portable toilets Especially if your event is going to be more than just a few hours, or you plan on serving food and drink, you need to provide a place for your guests with a place to use the restroom.

  • Cost prices must be calculated before you decide how many are needed. Most companies can guide you through this process. Keep reading to find out more about how to locate prices and why your event may need portable toilets.

Before you continue. Read these steps to get adequate porta potty pricing.

In order to get the best prices. Be sure to have the following ready, before you contact the portable toilet rental company:

  1. How many portable restrooms do you need?
  2. Do you need to locate them in a hard to reach area, upon delivery?
  3. Is your event taking place in a major city, or small town?
  4. Does your event require standard porta potties, or luxury restroom rentals?
  5. How many days or weeks are you going to need the portable bathroom rental units?

After developing your porta potty rental pricing check list. Be sure to explain all of your needs to the portable sanitation rental experts. Most restroom rental companies are well experienced and can only help you, if you are specific about your needs. Remember the price to rent a bathroom rental is dependent on things like. Is the portable sanitation assemblage available in your area? How far from the company is your event located. Example, are you hosting an outdoor wedding, out in the boondocks? Also, remember to choose a reputable company for the best prices and availability. Please read on for more information about renting portable toilets for events, and the prices involved.

Are Existing Facilities Adequate?

If your event location does have existing restrooms, are they adequate enough to handle the size and scope of your event? For example, if you’re hosting a trade show or fair at a school parking lot and you know only one of the school’s restrooms is going to be open and available to you, you may want to consider obtaining additional restrooms when you consider that hundreds of people may be coming to your event and they’ll need facilities available to them.

Where Are Existing Facilities?

Your event location may have extensive restroom facilities, but what if they’re located a long walk away from your actual event? Nobody’s going to like having to make an extensive trek just to find the restroom, especially when they’ve really got to go. On top of that, when they actually do finally make it to the restroom facilities, they’ll have to walk all the way back when they’re done. All of this adds up to one extremely unpleasant experience.

Are Existing Facilities in Good Condition?

Finally, what condition are the facilities available to you in? You may have enough facilities, and they may all be available to you, but if they’re broken down and not working or just a complete and total mess, many people would rather go outside than have to use them. Getting a quality portable restroom, such as a celebrity-quality restroom trailer can provide a better option that your guests will be grateful for.

Here is the average pricing list to lease portable toilets. Remember this list is a broad view of the overall pricing. Prices may vary depending on your location and the availability of the portable sanitation equipment.

If your State pricing is not listed please call us at (866) 463-0619 and we will help you find a great price in your area. If you would like to submit for a price online. Please contact VIP Restrooms and fill out the form.

  • California (Porta potty prices can range from $120 to $240 for standard units).
  • Arizona (Standard Porta Potties range from $105 to $220).
  • Texas (Lease portable toilets from $110 to $225).
  • Kansas (Rent port-a-potties from $115 to $205).
  • Florida (These portable toilet prices range from $135 to $250).
  • Nevada (Porta Potties cost anywhere from $112 to $216).
  • Missouri (Portable Restrooms can range from $100 to $204).

Get portable restrooms for your event! Call Patriot Portable Restrooms today at (866) 463-0619 to request a quote or schedule a restroom delivery service.

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