Restrooms Rentals for Agriculture Workers

We provide 6x 10-panel temporary fencing.

Are you in need of porta potty rentals for your farming work site ? The last thing you want when your employees are working hard is for them to have to hurry off to find a restroom inside. Our agricultural department at Patriot Portable Restrooms supplies portable restrooms, sinks, and other sanitation equipment to clients in the agriculture industry. We are a certified SBE and MBE company with extensive experience in the field. Our Patriot Portable Restrooms prides itself in our equipment and service, dedicating ourselves to serving your varying needs.

In addition to the basic portable toilets we offer, we have a wide range of equipment to meet your budget and preferences. Our main focus is on providing you with the sufficient amount of toilets, as well as hand washing stations to ensure complete sanitation. Hand washing stations offer your employees increased sanitation at an affordable price. We service all equipment once a week and during this time we will re-stock all of the porta potties and stations, ensuring they have plenty of paper towels, soap, and water. You can trust that all of our equipment will meet sanitation and safety standards.

Why Rent Farm Restrooms?

From the farmer working on the tractor to the workers tending to your crops. At Patriot portable restrooms, we understand the importance of providing your farming site with adequate portable toilets for all to utilize during working hours. Give us a call today and requst a free portable restroom rental for your farming location and agricultural site. Thank you for growing our food and providing quality product for consumption.

We Are Dedicated Farmers!

We have been in business for more than 30 years, and in this time we have served a wide range of clients. Our goal is to take the time to understand your requirements and meet them. Whether your needs are consistently the same week to week or you are in need of different sized portable restroom trailers at different times, we can help. Serving all of San Diego County and Kansas City, our main office and yards are located in San Diego.

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