Secure Your Event or Project With Temporary Fencing!

written on December 13, 2019

Temporary Fencing for Construction Projects

Whether you’re hosting an event and need some form of crowd control, or you’re working in an area and need to make sure the area will stay secure and free from intruders or wandering trespassers for the duration of the project, odds are you’ll probably need some form of fencing. However, installing fencing is a huge expense, which most people don’t want to have to take on. That’s where we come in. At Patriot Portable Restrooms, we offer a wide range of temporary fencing solutions to clients in San Diego and Kansas City. We have many different options that can apply to all sorts of different situations and then be easily removed when your work is complete. And the best part: temporary fencing costs a mere fraction compared to long-term or permanent fencing solutions while providing equal protection and functionality. Here are a few of our temporary fencing options:

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a popular option for construction sites due to its lightweight, high durability, and easy maneuverability while also remaining extremely durable. Chain-link fencing is a fence composed of wire bent into different “links,” which are then “chained” together to form a metal grid that allows good visibility and is lightweight while also being remarkably strong. Patriot Portable Restrooms offers chain link fencing in four-foot, six-foot, and eight-foot heights, all coming in ten-foot lengths. Our team can deliver and construct your temporary fencing solution using high-quality products and careful attention to detail in order to make sure the job is done right. We can even install windscreens or visual screens if you have an unsightly mess you’d rather keep out of sight. We can also build a chain-link gate for allowing everything from pedestrians to vehicles access to your area. These gates can be locked up and secured as well as opened and closed easily without compromising the integrity of your fence or requiring disassembly in order to open them.

When Would You Need Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing is used in far more than just construction sites: temporary fencing may be the solution you’re looking for when you’re hosting a concert, guiding fans to a sporting event, or putting on a festival. Whether you’re looking to keep people in (or out), guide them down a safe and desired path, or prevent them from accessing something that may not be safe, a temporary fence often makes the ideal solution. Here are a few industries that may wish to take advantage of our temporary fencing solutions:

  • Sporting events: creating security lines or forming crowd control solutions
  • Concerts: creating security to protect performers and allow easy, orderly attendee movement
  • Agriculture: keeping possible trespassers off of land that can’t be disturbed
  • Film/TV Production: keeping trespassers away from sensitive equipment, out of shots, and away from VIPs on set
  • Construction: Keeping trespassers or those who are unaware of the risk away from a potentially dangerous situation involving large, heavy equipment and materials

Patriot Portable Restrooms offers temporary fencing options at multiple heights, including four-foot heights that allow clear visibility of an area, making them ideal for concerts and other events, whereas six-foot and eight-foot fence options are better for maximum security and even shielded visibility when necessary. To learn more about our fencing option or rent a fence for your project or event, speak with a San Diego temporary fencing team member from Patriot Portable Restrooms by dialing (877) 969-2610 today!