Satellite Suites Shower Trailer

Satellite is a well-known manufacturer of portable restroom trailers and also a supplier of great portable shower trailers. At Patriot Portable Restrooms, we have several Satellite products in our product fleet, including a flexible portable shower trailer. It is divided into 2 parts in which you find showers, changing area, and private lock. The trailer can be connected to an external fresh tank and is constructed from a durable non-wood material that provides a longer service life than wooden-made restrooms due to water seeping into their framework. Thanks to that, the trailer still makes a great impression after many rentals. The trailer is fully air-conditioned.


  • changing area, shower, and private lock
  • men’s and women’s part of the trailer
  • non-wood material
  • anti-skid rubber floor for your safety
  • available in 4+4, 2+6, or 8 showers arrangement
  • battery as a second power source for basic needs of the trailer
  • 28′ or 33′ length (depends on version)
  • 8′ or 10’6″ width
  • 11,450 lbs weight

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